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2022 TechXchange: Smart Manufacturing!
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Embrace digital transformation at speed and scale for better resiliency, adaptability and value

Rising demand, supply chain instability and rapidly evolving customer needs have put manufacturers like you on their toes. Disruption, innovation, and global connectivity are all reshaping how manufacturers respond to the pressure of customer demands, unexpected events, and competition. Manufacturing innovation will impact every aspect of the enterprise, from production and supply chain to workers. But with these challenges, opportunities also arise to reimagine work, transform operations and emerge with more agility, resiliency, adaptability and ingenuity.

This event will bring together ISG advisors and industry experts to discuss and provide the pathways to navigate 2022 smart manufacturing complexities and digital trends. Register for the ISG TechXchange: Smart Manufacturing to embrace digital transformation at speed and scale.

Featured Speaker

Brent Ruth
Lean Digital Transformation

Accelerate Digital Transformation with IT/OT Automation

Process automation is a key enabler to Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chain transformation. Coupled with IIoT, and focused on sustainability and Direct Process Monitoring, you have real synergy. How and what enterprises can accomplish across the value chain truly drives new business models, accelerating corporate ESG initiatives, driving cost and quality improvements, and brings new levels of transparency. Learn how a large incumbent is maximizing technology, process and people to accelerate Digital Transformation for a complex global heavy industrial leader.

Priority Access

ISG Smart Manufacturing Pulse Survey

ISG has conducted a survey of leading global manufacturers to gauge their objectives and progress on their Smart Manufacturing journey. 
It is clear from the data that Smart Manufacturing initiatives are currently targeting profitability over growth. More than half of the enterprises we surveyed state that either direct cost savings or indirect cost savings through waste reduction and sustainability are the top objectives for their Smart Manufacturing initiatives.

This reflects that operational data is available and can be immediately put to use to achieve them. We have seen a similar tendency in the early adoption of IoT, big data and automation systems, where businesses initially focused on using the data coming from those systems to validate their approach and strategy in using them. 
ISG believes that business growth will absolutely be an outcome of the adoption of Smart Manufacturing in the long run. Attendees of the TechXchange: Smart Manufacturing will hear and receive first-hand results of the survey, delivered by ISG Partner and Manufacturing Lead, Dave Lewis. 

Event Themes

Digital Engineering: Integrating Data, Supply Chain & Customer Experience

IoT devices, IIoT-automated plants, engineering simulations and digitized customer experience all generate petabytes of data. Discover how to connect these “digital threads” to link information through a product’s lifecycle, improve your customer experience, and drive operating efficiency and quality

Decentralization & Digital Transformation

Manufacturing is moving into the next stage of digital transformation and “smart” decentralized control will inevitably become the necessary model, simplifying manufacturing processes and providing a greater overview of the entire value chain

People: Skills, Productivity & Organizational Change

The connected worker is more than just a mobile worker. Digital technologies and tools enable operational agility, manage risk, reduce errors, improve productivity and product quality.  Upskilling is essential to achieve true benefits of digital technologies.

2021 Event Highlights

Relive the insights, the trends and solutions we presented at the 2021 TechXchange: Smart Manufacturing event.  

Join us: April 20 & 21

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TechXchange: Smart Manufacturing

Turn disruption into a drive for continuous innovation and digital transformation.

April 20 & 21, 2022
Chicago, IL

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